First Prize - Erika Shen  

Erika Shen, a nine-year-old and 4th grader, has been studying and playing piano since five and half, currently with Ms. Zita Sandor. Erika won many awards at US Open Music Competition in 2009 and won honorable mention for MTAC Solo Division I in 2010. In addition to piano, Erika has been an avid skier and snowboarder since five and enjoys gymnastics, ballet, and cycling and swimming.                                                                                                                                           

Second Prize - Kayla Shen

Kayla is currently 7 years old. She has been playing piano for past two years, taught by Ms. Zita Sandor. Kayla enjoys playing piano and likes to keep herself motivated by playing new pieces from time to time. Kayla is an avid skier conquering many moguls and joined ski team for two years. In her spare time, Kayla enjoys ballet, gymnastics, violin, chess, reading, and brain twisters.                                                                                                                                                  

Third Prize -  John K. Baeg  

John K. Baeg, age 8, currently studies with Heidi Hau at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. He won 1st place at the San Francisco Music Teachers Association of California competition in the early advanced category in April 2010. He enjoys performing and wants to be a conductor .He also enjoys drawing and he received an honorable mention from the World Children’s Picture Contest in Japan, 2009. 

Honorable Mention - Lindsay Tao

Lindsay Tao is a fourth grader at Eaton Elementary School in Cupertino. She is very excited to participate in her first piano competition, especially as Chopin is her favorite composer. She is currently studying piano with Professor Hans Boepple. Besides playing the piano, Lindsay is a Girl Scout and loves playing soccer and reading Greek Mythology.                                         

Honorable Mention - Joanne Kim

Joanne Kim likes playing piano and loves music. She started learning piano at the age of five.  In the fall of 2008, Joanne joined the preparation division of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and studies classical piano with Ms. Heidi Hau. She won the third prize of the US Open Music Competition in the category of the Treasury of Classical - Junior Level in February 2010. She also likes reading, singing, swiming, playing tennis, skiing and math. She attends Pleasant Hill Elementary School and is in the 4th grade.



First Prize - Quinn Wu

Quinn Wu began his piano studies at age five and is currently a student of Dr. William Wellborn at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Before SFCM, Quinn studied with the concert pianist, Aileen Chanco. Quinn also plays chamber music at SFCM, and he is a violinist for the El Camino Youth Symphony under Dr. Camilla Kolchinsky. Besides music, Quinn received awards for several International Mental Arithmetic competitions. Quinn enjoys reading, watching movies, playing tennis, and traveling in his free time.                                                                            

Second Prize - Sophia Lin

Sophia Lin just turned 12 in May.  She is a 6th grader in Redwood Middle School. Sophia started her piano studies in 2003 at the age of five.  She loves playing the piano and enjoys studying with her teacher, Anna Semyanovsky.  Sophia has won numerous awards.  Most recently, she has won 3rd prize and most promising young talent award in 2009 International Russian Music Piano Competition.  Sophia was also the 1st alternate winner in 2009 MTAC concerto competition.  Sophia’s other awards include 2 Gold medals in 2009 USOMC and winner for 2009 Junior Bach festival.  In addition to piano, Sophia also enjoys playing the violin and dancing.

Third Prize - Jessica Phillips

Jessica Phillips, age 10, has been studying the piano under Mrs. Zita Sandor for about 3 years.  She is currently enrolled in the John Adams Young Composers Program (JAYC) where she studies Music Composition, at the Crowden School in Berkeley. Jessica also loves ballet, ballroom, ice skating, reading and painting. Her favorite composer is Bach and loves learning his concerto.  Jessica is in 4th grade and is homeschooled

Honorable Mention - Alice Zhu

Alice Zhu, age 12, is in seventh grade at Lawson Middle School, and is a student of Lena Grozman. She has been playing piano for 6 years and has won numerous awards, such as first place in the Pacific Musical Society competition, 1st alternate in the MTAC Solo competition, first prize in USOMC Treasury of Classical-Senior Division and second place in USOMC Showcase Solo, along with second place and best Chinese piece in the Chinese Music Teachers Association of Northern California piano group B and C. Alice was also selected for a master class with pianist John Salmon. Other than playing piano, Alice enjoys sports, reading, going online, and hanging out with her brother.

Honorable Mention - Madeline Zhang

Madeline is a 6th grader at Albany Middle School. She started playing the piano at the age of 5, and is currently a student of Dr. Sharon Mann, of the San Francisco Conservatory. In addition to piano, she also enjoys dancing, reading, and snowboarding.                                                           

Honorable Mention - Austin Phillips

Austin Phillips, age 11, has been studying the piano under Mrs. Zita Sandor for about 5 years.  He is currently enrolled in the John Adams Young Composers Program (JAYC) where he studies Music Composition, at the Crowden School in Berkeley. Austin loves to improvise on the piano and hopes to be a pianist and a composer as well someday. He won the KDFC 102.1 Classical Star Search – People’s Choice Award in 2009 for his rendition of Arabesque in E Major by Debussy. His favorite composer is Ravel, Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, Beethoven and Liszt.  Austin is in 6th grade and is homeschooled. 



First Prize - Ray Hua Wu

Ray Hua Wu began studies in piano in June of 2001 with Ms. Patty Lee, who later referred him for more advanced piano studies to Dr. Jed Galant in 2007. Ray Hua’s awards in music include the First Place Award in the Intermediate-A division of the 2008 CAPMT regional and state competition at the Bartok and Contemporary Music Festival, First Place for contemporary music and Second Place overall in the junior division of the 2008 East Bay Music Festival, and Honorable Mention at the 2009 Menuhin-Dowling Young Musicians Competition. He is also a winner of the Certificate of Merit Panel Finals of 2010 and of the 2008 and 2010 Junior Bach Festival. Ray Hua’s other interests are in the fields of mathematics, geography, chemistry, geology, meteorology, and oceanography                                                                                

Second Prize -  Jillian Kim

Jillian Kim is 15 years old and native of San Francisco. She has been studying piano at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music’s Preparatory Division under Meikui Matsushima as a scholarship student since she was six years old. She participated at Zephyr Music Festival in Courmayeur, Italy at the age of eight and then at twelve. She received second place at the Chopin Competition for Young Pianists at ten. She has also won the grand prize for piano in Korean Times Young Artist’s Music Competition the same year. She received first place for Pacific Musical Society’s Junior Piano Division. She also performed in Junior Bach Festival in 2007.  Jillian has participated in numerous master classes by Mack McCray. She is going to be a junior at the School of The Arts in San Francisco.                                                                   

Third Prize - Rebecca Hu

Rebecca Hu, currently a sophomore at Aragon High School , began her piano training at the tender age of 4. As a member of the Choupak Piano Studio, she has devoted herself wholeheartedly to musical excellence for the last 11 years. Her earliest competing experience was at the age of 9; since then, she has garnered various awards from renowned piano competitions including MTAC, CMTANC, USOMC, and SF Chopin Young Pianists competition itself. Aside from attending contests, she has also brought her musical talent and passion to light through BAYMS, in which she delights and entertains various senior centers in her piano performances. Her additional interests include dancing, painting, modeling, playing volleyball, playing the violin, and ultimately, serving her community

Honorable Mention - Francesco Trogu 

Francesco is a freshman at Lowell High School in San Francisco. He began playing piano when he was six years old and has been studying at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music for the last four years with Jacqueline Divenji. His favorite composers are Beethoven, Chopin and Rachmaninoff. In the last two years he performed in the Jr. Bach Festival. He has various passions from origami, Lord of the Rings to soccer but lately he spends most of his time listening to music                                              

Honorable Mention - Connie Chen

Connie Chen is a freshman attending Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton . She currently studies under Dr. William Wellborn at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She won numerous top prizes at the US Open Piano Competition between 2005 and 2009, such as first place in both the Open Solo Baroque and Classical categories. In 2008 and 2009, she received first and second prizes, respectively, at the East Bay Music Foundation Solo Piano Competition. She was chosen to play in the 2009 and 2010 Junior Bach Festival. She is a straight-A student, and in her leisure time, she enjoys art and received the Best of Class prize, two first places and one second place at the Alameda County Fair for her artwork last year.