First Prize - Caroline Wu, 9

My Name is Caroline Wu and I just turned 9 in May. I’m in 3rd grade. I started playing piano in kindergarten, at The Cannon Music Studio, when I was 6. I started playing piano with Mrs. Skousen. The first competition piece I learned was Variations on a Russian Theme. The second one I learned was Valse Melancolique. The latest one I learned was Rhapsody. The pass few competitions I’ve experienced are: Russian International Competition, Bartok festival & U.S. Open. I won 2nd place in U.S. Open. I’m going to be tested on RACE level 4. Mrs. Skousen said that I will skip a level. The score I got for RACE level one was 89– first class of honors. The score I got for RACE level two was 93 – first class of honors with distinction. I had my first solo recital on April 25, 2004. I got a trophy for that. I composed a song for the Reflections, which I got HonorableMentions. I also take swimming class at the Freemont High and ballet class in Dance Academy.

Second Prize - Darius Goh, 9

Third Prize - Anna Zhou, 8

Honorable Mention - Ariel Yu, 8
Honorable Mention - Sophia Lin, 8



First Prize - Hilda Huang, 10

Hilda Huang, age 10, s a student of John McCarthy in the Preparatory Division at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She was one of only four students in the world selected to attend "Music @ Menlo last season. In addition to the piano, Hilda is a serious student of the Harpsichord,and a student of Corey Jameson. Hilda is in the 6th grade at Jordan Middle School in Palo Alto.

Second Prize - Andrea Lim, 10

Andrea Lim, age 10 is a student of John McCarthy and attends Carey School in San Mateo as a fifth grader. She has recieved first prize in the San Mateo County Fair Competition and likes to read mystery books.

Third Prize - Jillian Kim, 11

Honorable Mention - Hugo Kitano, 11
Honorable Mention - NiuNiu Teo, 12



First Prize - Christine Kim, 14

Christine Kim, age 15, is a student of John McCarthy in the Preparatory Division at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Christine has received the 2006 Grand Prize in the Korea Times Piano Competition and first prize in the 2006 Chinese Music Teacher's Associaiton Competition. She enjoys cross country running and is a sophmore at Gunn High School in Palo Alto.

Second Prize - Ashley Hsu, 14

Ashley Hsu, age 14, is under the tutelage of Dr. Jed Galant. She is currently a freshman in high school. Recently, she won first place in the Northern California MTAC Piano Concerto Competition. She was a winner of the Palo Alto Philharmonic Concerto Competition and performed the Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5 with the orchestra this month. Ashley was also selected to perform in the 2006 Junior Bach Festival in March. She was a winner of El Camino Youth Symphony (ECYS) Concerto Competition and has performed with the ECYS Orchestra in April, 2006. She was also a winner of the 2006 Menuhin-Dowling Young Artists Competition. Ashley was selected as a winner of Mozart Festival Piano Concerto Competition and has performed with Castro Valley Chamber Orchestra. In 2005, she performed a Bach Concerto with the Golden Gate Philharmonic Orchestra in the Junior Bach Concert. She has been a prize winner many times in the U.S. Open Music Competition. “I love music. Every time I play or listen, I become part of it. We have a very honorable position as pianists. We are to find and discover for ourselves the message that the composer has written in between the staves. We must look beyond the dashes and dots to find the true meaning of the music. Every time I play, whether it is practicing or performing, I feel as if God is speaking to me.” Ashley wants to become a concert pianist when she grows up.

Third Prize - Timothy Lin, 13